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MP3 of 3D Animation!

Virtual Interactive Solid (VIS) format enables highly concise representation of 3D geometry with animation, interactivity, text and audio. At the heart of the VIS technology is the IP method of ‘shape capture’ developed by our scientists. After many years of testing on diverse platforms, the technology is now robust enough for widespread usage. Whatever is the format of your 3D (STL, VRML, Lightwave, Wavefront OBJ, Maya and 3DStudio), it can be translated into our VIS format and shared over mobile phones. What MP3 did to audio files and PDF to documents, our VIS technology can do to 3D!

VIS Benchmark A 3D representation of a bicycle (with animation) occupies just 2.6 KB in VIS as compared to 32600 KB in ProE ‘s .asm format. Infact, it is even smaller than a jpeg or gif snapshot. The benchmark results with other formats are shown in the graphic below :

The VIS has the following distinct advantages:

  • The file sizes are not related to the extent of animation or interaction being provided to the user.
  • Interaction is not restricted – both domain based and graphical interactivity can be provided.
  • The user interface or the easy authoring ability in VIS - the market reach can be extended beyond just the multimedia content creators.
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